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The Digital-X Product Formula

The Digital-X Product Formula is a complete online business builders guide revealing Joanna Black’s entire process to crafting a simple but profitable digital product to sell in the next 60 Days. There are no special skills needed, no formal business training required, no gimmicks or hype and easy-to-follow action steps. Digital-X is a proven formula and 100% about building a REAL sustainable business that will prove both enjoyable and profitable. The best part? You won't have to create your digital products from scratch or spend a fortune making them!

In this cutting-edge guide, you’ll learn timeless SECRETS to building a successful online enterprise with No Inventory, No Overhead and No eCommerce Store! Ms. Black has rigorously studied and replicated the best kept money-making strategies of 7-figure internet marketing pros, and has it all summed up for YOU inside The Digital-X Product Formula. Discover exactly how easy this formula is and why it is the best model for branding an online business that you fully control.

The Digital-X Product Formula Reveals 10 Powerful Functions To:

✔️ Craft a tailor-made digital product on a high-demand topic that will resonate with Hungry Buyers
✔️ Explore your niche market so that you know how to speak directly to their Hot Spots
✔️ Apply the secrets the Pros use to grab their prospect’s attention as soon as they read your product title
✔️ Determine the most powerful keywords and how to use them so you can draw the right audience to your offer
✔️ Apply SEO tactics the Pros use to generate free traffic and boost conversion rates
✔️ Breakdown the launch and pre-launch strategies to create an exciting buzz around your new business and start connecting with your target market
✔️ Begin making money immediately with an irresistible Sales Page
✔️ Engage with your new "fans" after the sale and build ongoing customer loyalty to scale your business even further
✔️ Set up a highly effective workspace and start building your Digital-X Business today!

There are countless benefits to selling digital products, which you will soon learn. The costs are minimal to get started, and you have full creative freedom to produce unique, valuable content that will help many people. There's plenty of room on the internet for everyone to climb aboard this cybership!

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The Digital-X Product Formula

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