The Digital-X Product Formula

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The Digital-X Product Formula

The Digital-X Product Formula is a complete online business builders guide to crafting a simple but profitable digital product to sell to a targeted audience in the next 60 Days.

In this cutting-edge guide, you’ll learn timeless SECRETS to building a successful online enterprise with No Inventory, No Overhead and No eCommerce Store! Ms. Black has rigorously studied and replicated hidden money-making strategies of 7-figure internet marketing pros, and has it all summed up for YOU inside The Digital-X Product Formula. Discover exactly how easy this formula is and why it is the best model for branding an online business that you fully control.

The Digital-X Product Formula Reveals 10 Powerful Functions To:

✔️ Craft a tailor-made digital product on a high-demand topic that will resonate with Hungry Buyers
✔️ Explore your niche market so that you know how to speak directly to their Hot Spots
✔️ Apply the secrets the Pros use to grab their prospect’s attention as soon as they read your product title
✔️ Determine the most powerful keywords and how to draw the right audience to your offer
✔️ Breakdown the launch and pre-launch strategies to create an exciting buzz around your new business
✔️ Begin making money immediately with an irresistible Sales Page
✔️ Engage with your new "fans" after the sale and build ongoing customer loyalty to scale your business even further
✔️ Set up a highly effective workspace and start building your Digital-X Business today!

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The Digital-X Product Formula
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