Outsourcing Secrets

Outsourcing Secrets
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Outsourcing Secrets

Outsourcing your business projects can be a lot more laborious than most solopreneurs would like to admit. It sounds so simple to hire a professional to assist you with tasks that you are not so skilled in — or just want to have done more quickly and efficiently. Taking on hired help involves consistent communication and attention than you might not expect, but the process can be managed effectively if you know what to do in advance.

I earned the VID - Very Important Doer - status on Fiverr after hiring a number of freelancers for various projects for my online businesses. I have learned so much from these professionals on my journey as an internet-based business owner. A few of these people stood out for their quality of work, and I have kept them on my ‘rolodex’ to hire again in the future. My experience with outsourcing has been a positive boost to my business!

If you are a new to outsourcing freelancers, you will benefit from hearing about some of the potential problems that can come up, and how to best resolve them before you spend your hard-earned money. Whether you are hiring from marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer or Upwork, it makes no difference where you find your hired expert. What does matter is the instructions you provide and how those instructions are being followed. Your freelance worker needs your direction and a keen grasp of what you expect from any assignment.

When outsourcing freelancers or virtual assistants, you will need to write out some important details ahead of time so they fully understand your business needs. No matter what your task is – lead generation, web design, graphics, sales copy, ad campaigns, etc. – your temporary new hire will need to know about your vision for the project, so do not keep them guessing!

Learn all the SECRETS to outsourcing and getting the best results for your money!

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