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Date Added: February-25-2021
Date Updated: February-26-2021
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RIDGID Vacuum Hose to Cyclone Separator Elbow 90 Degree Connector STL

This Stl 90 Degree Elbow Connector is used to connect a Ridgid vacuum to a Cyclone Separator Version 2.

This version uses less plastic, takes 4 Hours less to Print, and provides a supporting leg.

Ridgid Vacuum Hose Dimensions:
ID: 1.635" Inches or 41.50MM
OD: 1.750" Inches or 44.50MM
L:2.530" Inches or 64.25MM

Cyclone Separator:
ID: 1.950" Inches or 49.60MM
OD: 2.175" Inches or 55.20MM
L: 1.335" Inches or 33.90MM

Connector Dimensions:

This connector has a 0.2MM inside taper on both openings.
The Connector is the green object in the picture.

3D Printing Recommendations:
50% Infill
3 Walls
Print Time is 5H43M

File Includes:
1. STL Model.
2. Cad Model.
3. Prusa Mini .3mf Pre-Sliced Ready to Print File.
4. JPEG Image.

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