Saturn Ion Radio 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo and Backup Cam Clips for Solid Install Stl

Saturn Ion Radio, Backup Cam Clips, 10.1 Inch
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Saturn Ion Radio 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo and Backup Cam Clips for Solid Install Stl

Saturn Ion 10.1 Inch Radio & Backup Cam Clips for a clean and easy install Stl

The 10.1 Inch Radio is easy to install and works great on the Saturn Ion. Bluetooth allows answering phone calls right from the radio. During calls, the music stops and only the person calling can be heard.

Google maps is also amazing when and if you need maps. No more Garmin GPS (although I keep one in the glove box just in case).

All of this works once you turn on the hotspot on your phone and connect it to the radio via the WIFI settings.

The best feature: The Backup Camera, which is now a legal requirement for all newer cars. It turns on as soon as you shift into reverse. No need to press buttons, it just switches automatically. Once back in Drive, the radio resumes to being a radio as usual.

To install the 10.1 Inch Android Radio in your Saturn Ion:

1. Remove the old radio and reuse the wiring harness.
2. Match and connect like colors. (Solder, or clip, your choice). Some colors are not used at all with the new radio so just leave those disconnected. Couldn't be simpler.
3. Using the 2 clips from this ad page secure the radio to the panel.
4. Connect Antenna, GPS, wiring harness you just matched colors and soldered from step 2, the 2 USBs and back up cam to the back of the new radio.
5. Connect ground to the car body. It's the bare metal wire. (RCA cable bundle was not needed on the Saturn Ion stock radio replacement). See image 6 RCA Input / Output.

To install the Backup Camera:
1. Connect the pink wire (usually labeled "back" or "backup cam") to the pigtail of your backup camera connector.
2. Watch the following video on how to install the backup camera.
3. Use the bracket to secure the camera in place.

I also bought a simple 12" antenna extension (Model: Metra 44-EC12) because this radio is super compact.
Radio Model: Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo

Clips Shipping via Download Stl Asset.
3D Printer required.

Included in File Package:
1. Radio to Panel Clips Stl.
2. Radio to Panel Clips Cad.
3. Rear Camera bracket Stl.
4. Rear Camera bracket Cad.
5. Images.

Country of Origin: United States.

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