Sidekick 3rd Gen for CatGenie 120, 60 and A.I. STL FILE

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Date Added: January-12-2021
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Sidekick 3rd Gen for CatGenie 120, 60 and A.I. STL FILE

Sidekick 3rd Gen for CatGenie 120, 60 and A.I. STL File.

3D Print your Sidekick with your own 3d Printer.

Purchase pre-made one:

Simply download the file from here and upload it to your 3D printer today. It takes about 30 minutes to make your sidekick. You will also need a Teks #8 3/4 in. External Hex Flange Hex-Head Self-Drilling Screw.

The file includes Generation 3 Sidekick with other important info.

1. 3rd Gen Sidekick STL.


To 3D print your Sidekick use "Sidekick 1" file and print at 40% infill with 3 walls and grid infill. Also for a cool look, print with no top and bottom layers. This will show only and the walls and the infill. It takes about 30 Minutes.

Patent Pending. This sidekick file is for personal use only and the sidekick file may not be resold. The 3D printed Sidekick can not be sold without the permission of the patent holder.

Thank you and hope you find the Sidekick helpful.

Product Sample
Sidekick Cura.jpg

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