XYZprinting DaVinci 1.0 PRO NE'XT Sweeper Auto Eject Parts STL

XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 PRO NE'XT Sweeper STL
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XYZprinting DaVinci 1.0 PRO NE'XT Sweeper Auto Eject Parts STL

XYZ Davinci Pro NE'XT PRO SWEEPER for Automatically Ejecting Parts STL

NE'XT is for printing continuously with a single gcode file without the need to manually take parts off the bed.

This is great for 3d Printing businesses, hobbyists, or anybody wanting to automate part production on their XYZ Davinci Pro.

NE'XT works by running a single large GCODE file with a quick "swipe for next" code (included) inserted after each part. The printer will wait for the bed to cool and using the "NE'XT" sweep across the bed to clear the bed for the next part to be printed.

NE'XT pops-in without screws or fasteners. Take it off or put it on with just your hands in less than 3 seconds.

NE'XT allows for 1 part to be printed at a time. This results in less warping and cleaner appearing parts.

For part sellers, the NE'XT can directly swipe the part into the packaging. This means no manual labor of taking the part of the bed is a need.

The NE'XT is also safer for you if you're not using ventilation, as you no longer need to keep opening the print chamber which will have accumulated 3d Printing VOC's from the
3d Printing process.

With NE'XT you can print parts non-stop until the spooled filament runs out.

NE'XT requires no special software only a few GCODE lines entered after each part. GCODE lines are provided with the packaging. The printer will wait for the bed to cool before swiping the part off the bed. Only tested with stock aluminum and glass beds with PLA and ABS.

Download Asset only

Welcomed and Accepted. 100% Refund.

Material Suggestion:
OVERTURE PETG or PLA Red 3D Filament.

Clip-on, Clip-off. Air gaps allow the bed to lift NE'XT safely during homing. Installation takes less than 3 seconds. No tools required.

Follow all safety procedures outlined in your printer manual. No warranties. Use at own risk.

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